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Updated: February 18, 2015 10:04 PM


The Cascade Cactus and Succulent Society of Washington State Library

The following books represent a comprehensive list and are available for check out by members. Please contact Mark at least one week before the next meeting with your request.

Members may check a book out for a period of one month, then it must be returned to the CCSS.

We are always expanding our library. Donations of appropriate new or used books, clean and in good shape, are welcomed. Thank you.

Books are alphabetized by title. For quick access, click on a letter below.

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z #

  • 500 Cacti, Species and Varieties in Cultivation - Preston-Mafham, Ken, 2007 Firefly books Ltd., 528 pages, One cactus per page with color photo, basic data and a short paragragraph of info.

  • 70 Common Cacti of the Southwest - Fischer, Pierre C & Mauseth, James D, 1999 Southwest Parks & Monuments Assoc., The most common cacti one might find in the southwest part of the US. Color photos taken in habitat.

  • A Cactus Odessy, Journeys in the Wilds of Bolivia, Peru and Argentina - Kiesing, Roberto & Ostolaza, Carlos, 2002 Timber Press, A travelogue written by three field biologists about their search for cacti and succulents in some rough territory. Very engaging. A few photos of plants in habitat.

  • A Catalogue of the Flora of Arizona - Lehr, J. Harry, 1978, Author is the curator of the Herbarium of the Desert Botanical Garden. Lists all of the plants of AZ.

  • A Desert Country Near the Sea - Zwinger, Ann, 1983, A natural history of the cape region of Baja, CA. A prize-winning naturalist's personal guide to flora, fauna and history of this area, with drawings and some photos.

  • A Pocket Guide to Cacti and Succulents - Hewitt, Terry, PRC Publishing Ltd., 2004, A thick pocket guide to C & S including inmformation on plant care, propagation, pests and diseases. Over 200 plants are listed in alphabetic order with lovely photos and information specific to that plant.

  • A Sulco Gallery, Sulcorebutias in Pictures - Pilbeam, John, David Hunt 2004. Photographs of sulcorebutias with notes of description and locale.

  • Adromischus - Pilbeam, Johm, The Cactus File 1998. A Cactus File handbook on Adromischus which breaks down into detail the plants in this genus. Photos will aid identification.

  • Agaves - Gentry, Howard Scott, 1982. 136 species native to N. America. Author is leading authority on Agaves.

  • Agaves, Yuccas and Related Plants, A Gardener's Guide - Irish, Mary & Gary, Timber Press, Inc., 2000. 311 pages of information for growing Agaves, yuccas, such plants. Lots of detailed information from two expert growers.

  • Ariocarpus et cetera, The special, smaller genera of Mexican cacti - Pilbeam, John & Weightman, Bill, British Cactus and Succulent Society 2006. Beautiful photographs accompany an interesting text about a variety of small Mexican cacti. Detailed descriptions and habitat information will add a depth of knowledge for the grower.

  • Arizona Cactus, A Guide to Unique Varieties - Arizona Traveler Guidebooks, Renaissance House, 1988. A small guide book to the cactus of Arizona. Photos accompany descriptions of cactus listed by popular names rather than Latin.

  • , Bonsai Masterclass - Chan, Peter, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc, 1988. Basic book about bonsai techniques. Color and black and white photos.

  • Boyce Thompson Southwestern Arboretum - Ward, William B. 1981. Tourist guide with pictures and maps.

  • Cacti - A Wisley handbook for The Royal Horticultural Society - Innes, Clive, 1988. A Royal Horticultural Society guide.

  • Cacti and Other Succulents - Kramer, J. 1992. Superb photos. Plants lists, flowering seasons how to information.

  • Cacti and Succulents - Innes, Clive 1988 Ward Lock, Ltd. Basic book including characteristics of C & S, general care and culture, propagation and pests. Includes a section on easily grown species.

  • Cacti and Succulents - Smith, Gideon, 2006. Ball Publishing. Info on cultivation, common species of cacti, companion succulents, and large collections of cacti and succulent around the world.

  • Cacti and Succulents (Multiple listings of Cactus/Succulents) - Andersohn, Gunter 1983. English translation of the German Kakteen und andere Sukkulenten. Excellent for beginner or intermediate collector.

  • Cacti and Succulents for Modern Living - Merchants Publishing Co. 1976. Basic cacti and succulents. Color photos, care instructions.

  • Cacti and Succulents for the Amateur - Glass, Charles, 1978. Nice b & w photos. A nice run through of C & S authorized by the CSSA.

  • Cacti and Succulents, Step by Step to Growing Success- Keen, Bil,l 2010. Crowood Press Ltd. An excellent guide for the beginner or advanced beginner grower. All the basic info on care and cultivation as well as suggested plants for success early on. With nice photos and excellent illustrations in the cultivation section.

  • Cacti of the Southwest - Earle, W. Hubert, 1973. Desert Botanical Garden of Arizona Science Bulletin Number 4. Good basic identification book. Areas AZ, Western NM, South CO, South NV, South UT, East CA.

  • Cacti, A Gardener's Handbook for their Identification and Cultivation - Barthlott, Wilhelm, 1979. Originally published in German in 1977. For beginning to intermediate enthusiasts. Combines an informed scientific approach with author's enthusiasm for cacti. Nice descriptions and pictures.

  • Cacti, An Illustrated Guide to Over 150 Representative Species - Schneck, Marcus 1992

  • Cacti, Biology and Uses - Nobel, Park S., editor, 2002 University of CA press. With 35 contributors from around the world, the editor has compiled much information on topics from evolution to biotechnology. Another way to look at cactus.

  • Cactus and Succulents For the High Deserts - Eppele, David L. 1993. Plant lists, sources, periodic updates to be released.

  • Cactus, Succulents and Carnivorous Plants - Japanese. Excellent pictures, text and format are Japanese.

  • Cactus, The Most Beautiful Species and Their Care - Manke, Elizabeth, 1998, Barron's. Originally in German, a good basic book on care of cacti and a chapter on favorite plants.

  • Carnivorous Plants of the World - Pietropaolo, James & Patricia, 1986 Timber Press, Inc. Nursery owners authored this book describing various carnivorous plants of the world. Includes info on indoor and outdoor culture, pest and disease and hybridization.

  • Caudiciform and Pachycaul Succulents - Rowley, G. 1987. Great coffee table book. Long on beautiful photos, short on substance.

  • Christmas Cacti - The genus Schlumbergera and its hybrids - McMillan, A. J. S. 1995. Treatment of the genus.

  • Colorful Cacti and Other Succulents of the Deserts - Lamb, Edgar & Brian, 1974

  • Colour Encyclopaedia of Succulents - Japan Succulent Society, 1981. Great pictures, botanical names. Text in Japanese.

  • Copiapoa - Charles, Graham, 1998, The Cactus File. A nice review of the genus Copiapoa with photos to help identify or re-identify the plants in your collection.

  • Desert in Bloom - featuring Flora & Cacti of the Desert Southwest - Eppele, David L. 1988. Attractive photos of desert plants.

  • Designing with Succulents- Baldwin, Debra Lee, 2007 Timber Press 13:978-0-88192-816-7. Lovely photos illustrate interesting ways to grow succulents outdoors, some pot design included.

  • E
  • cheverias, A guide to cultivation and identification of the popular American succulents -. Carruthers, L & Ginns, R. 1973 Arco Publishing, Co, Inc An older book with lovely photos and drawings all about echeverias.

  • Echinocactus - Donati, Davide Zanovello, Carlo 2011. This is a fun book about Echinocactus written in a personal and somewhat conversational style. The book explores all aspects of Echinocactus.

  • Echinocereus - Pilbeam, John, 2011, British Cactus and Succulent Society. Focused work on Echinocereus including geography, cultivation and species. Large color photos.

  • Echinocereus - Special Issue 1- Di Martino, Lino, editor, 1998, Cactus and Co. International Society special journal, Italian.

  • Epiphyllum - Supplie, Frank, Epiphytic Plant Research and Information Center. This bilingual book in German and English covers the Epiphyllum hybrids with color photos and introduced new hybrids. Culture, disease and propagation is also covered.

  • Epiphyllums - Japanese. Beautiful color photos. English names of plants. Text in Japanese.

  • Epithelantha - Donati, Davide Zanovello, Carlo, 2011, PIXEL Service. A lovely new book about the genus Epithelantha. Each member of this genus is described. Detailed description of habitat and tips on cultivation accompany each.

  • Etymology of Cacti Genera - Chippendale, John, CactiGuide.com. Printed from a website and bound in a notebook. A dictionary of the epithets of cactus and succulent genera.

  • Ferocactus - Pilbeam, John Bowdery, Derek, 2005, British Cactus and Succulent Society. Very readable book about Feros 8including lovely photos in habitat, descriptions, info on habitat. Writing style is very enjoyable.

  • Flowering Cacti - Rayzer, G. unk,. Hippocrene Books. This book has a symbol system for identifying all the growing requirements for specimens according to height in growth. Photos for each plant. An interesting/odd book.

  • Genus Tillandsia - Isley, Paul, 1977. Pictures, some in color. Basic culture info.

  • G
  • lossary of botanical terms with special reference to Succulent Plants - Eggli, Urs, 1993, British Cactus and Succulent Society. Just what it says it is.

  • Glossary of Succulent Plant Terms - Marshall, W. Taylor Woods, R.S. old. A glossary of botanical terms specifically used in connection with xerophytic plants.

  • Growing Classic Cacti - Schneck, Marcus, 1998, Beginner book, general treatment, lots of pictures.

  • Growing the Mesembs - Storms, Edward, 1976. Excellent book on culture.

  • Growing Winter Hardy Cacti in Cold/Wet Climate Conditions - Spain, John N. 1997 Growing conditions, best plant selections, care propagation. Color photos.

  • Guide to the Aloes of South Africa, 1st ed - Van Wyk, Ben-Erik, 1996. Great reference on Aloes.

  • Gymnocalycium - A collector's guide - Pilbeam, John, 1995. Valuable reference for the Gymno collector.

  • Gymnocalyciums Handbook No. 5 - Putnam, E.W. 1978. B & W photos.

  • Handbook of Cultivated Sedums - Evans, Ronald L. 1983. Most recent comprehensive gook on the genus at the time of printing.

  • Haworthia and Astrolaba: A Collectors Guide - MIA

  • High and Dry, Gardening with Cold-Hardy Dryland Plants - Nold, Robert, 2008, Timber Press, Inc. This book focuses on the "interior west" which isn't WA. However there is much useful information about what succulents need to grow outdoors for those who would like to try it in our state. As long as conditions are met it's worth trying.

  • Lithops, Treasures of the Veld, 2nd Edition - Hammer, Steven A. 2010, British Cactus and Succulent Society. Stunning photographs and up to do date information fill this book about the fascinating Lithops.

  • Mac's Field Guide to Cacti and Common Trees and Shrubs of the Southwest - The Mountaineers, 1991, Mac's Field Guide, The Mountaineers. A plastic coated one page field guild one might use while hiking in the southwest US.

  • Mammillaria: A Collector's Guide - Pilbeam, John, 1980, Universe Books. Reference work on this popular genera. Full descriptons of over 200 species of Mamms with close up photos. Includes info on cultivation.

  • Masterpieces of Bonsai - Takayanagi, Yoshio editor, 1986, Shofunotomo/Japan Publications. This book explains the aesthetics of bnsai and how to judge them. 80 lovely color photos of old bonsai treasures in Japan.

  • Melocactus Care and Cultivation - Thomson, George, 2009, Cactus & Co. All about Melocatus: distribution, morphology, cultivation, pests, seeding, etc, etc.

  • M
  • esembs of the World - Smith, Gideon; Chesselet, Pascale; van Jaarsveld, Ernst J.; Hartmann, Heidi; Hammer, Steven van Wyk, Ben-Erik; Burgoyne, Priscilla; Klak, Cornelia; Kurzweil, Hubert 1998. Briza Publications. With a writing team of international experts one might expect this book to be loaded with information on Mesembryanthemaceae. 405 pages contain color close up photos as well as information on the genera of Mesembs. There is some information on distribution and cultivation.

  • Monadenium -Pritchard, Albert, 2010, Cactus and Co. With stunning color photos, the author elaborates on the species, and includes information on care.

  • On The Desert, Essays of the American Deserts - Eppele, David L. 1990, Tortilla Press. An enjoyable little book with essays written about desert life.

  • Pachyforms, A Guide to Growing Pachycaul and Caudiciform Plants - de Vosjoli, Philippe, 2009, Advanced Visions, Inc. An excellent guide to growing, maintaining, and enjoying this always entertaining and amazing plants.

  • Pocket Encyclopaedia: Cacti in Color - Lamb, Edgar & Brian, 1969, Blandford Press. A signed copy of this classic by the Lambs.

  • P
  • opular Exotic Cacti in Color - Lamb, Edgar & Brian, 1975, Blandford Press, Hardback edition, signed by the authors. Cacti from around the word with basic info on cultivation. Color photos. Older book.

  • Popular Exotic Cacti in Color - Lamb, Edgar & Brian, 1975, Collier Books. Cacti from around the word with basic info on cultivation. Color photos. Older book.

  • R
  • hipsalis and Lepismium - Supplie, Frank, Epiphytic Plant Research and Information Center. New book on two little written about families of cactus. Basic care information as well as close up photos for identification. In German and English.

  • Stapeliads - Pilbeam, John, 2010, British Cactus and Succulent Society. With a gallery of 686 pictures and all 57 genera of Stapeliads this is a very information books. After some upfront information on where to find stapeliads and how to cultivate them, the book is primarily beautiful photos.

  • Stuck on Cactus - A Beginning Grower's Guide - Wright, David E. 1996, Howell Press. Basic beginner book on growing cactus - fun, easy to read book.

  • Success with Cacti - Becherer, Franz, 1994, Merehurst Ltd. Good basic info with nice photos. Has a nice section on pests with great photos of what you are looking for on your plants.

  • S
  • ucculent and Xerophytic Plants of Madagascar, Volume 1 - Rauh, Werner, 1995, Strawberry Press. Lovely large book with photos and habitat information on the amazing succulent and xerophytic plants of Madagascar.

  • Succulent Container Gardens - Baldwin, Debra Lee, 2010, Timber Press. Gorgeous color photographs accompany text providing interesting ways of growing succulents in containers.

  • Succulents - The New Plant Library - Hewitt, Terry, 1998, Anness Publishing, Ltd. General book about succulents, with very nice photos. Basic growing info as well as a catalogue of popular plants.

  • Succulents Propagation - Kapitany, Attila & Schulz, Rudolf, 2004, Schulz Publishing. 0 958516766 Covers basic and advanced propagation, seed raising, and very useful propagation by genus tips. Gorgeous color photos. 109 pages.

  • Sulcorebutia and Weingartia: A Collectors Guide - Pilbeam, John, 1985, Timber Press. A complete guide to Sulcorebutia with the closely related Weingartia thrown in.

  • Teratopia, The World of Cristate and Variegated Succulents - Rowley, Gordon, 2006, Cactus & Co. Amazing photos and fascinating detailed information about cristate and variegated succulents.

  • The Adenium and Pachypodium Handbook - MIA

  • The Book of Cacti and other Succulents -Chidamian, Claude, 1984, Easy reading. Good basic info.

  • The Bushman Candles - Craib, Charles and Lavranos, John 2011, Penrock Publications. Stunning book on the Bushmen Candles with watercolor paintins by Ellaphie Ward-Hillhorst and Gerhard Marx and pencil drawings by Bowen Boshier. Beautiful book. A treasure

  • The Cactus Cookbook, Succulent Cooking International - Tate, Joyce, L. 1976. Good things to eat made from all parts of cacti.

  • The Cactus Handbook - Haustein, Erik 1988, Chartwell Books, Inc. A segment on cactus structure and development, cultivation, propogation and disease issues. There is a large section on different kinds of cactus.

  • The Complete Book of Cactus and Succulents - Hewitt, Terry, 1993, Dorling Kindersley, Inc. Basic info about cactus, plant catalog, care and cultivation, ideas for attractive indoor planting.

  • The Complete Encyclopedia of Cacti - Subik, Rudolf & Kunte, Libor, 2003, Rebo International. All about cacti and their habitats. Information is presented on plants by country.

  • The Euphorbia Journal Volume 1 - Schwartz Dr. Herman, 1983. These have articles for beginers to advanced growers. Excellent color illustrations.

  • The Euphorbia Journal Volume 2 - Schwartz Dr. Herman,1984. These have articles for beginers to advanced growers. Excellent color illustrations.

  • The Euphorbia Journal Volume 3 - Schwartz Dr. Herman, 1985. These have articles for beginers to advanced growers. Excellent color illustrations.

  • The Euphorbia Journal Volume 4 - Schwartz Dr. Herman, 1986. These have articles for beginers to advanced growers. Excellent color illustrations.

  • The Euphorbia Journal Volume 5 - Schwartz Dr. Herman, 1987. These have articles for beginers to advanced growers. Excellent color illustrations.

  • The Euphorbia Journal Volume 6 - Schwartz Dr. Herman, 1988. These have articles for beginers to advanced growers. Excellent color illustrations.

  • The Euphorbia Journal Volume 7 - Schwartz Dr. Herman, 1989. These have articles for beginers to advanced growers. Excellent color illustrations.

  • The Euphorbia Journal Volume 8 - Schwartz Dr. Herman, 1990. These have articles for beginers to advanced growers. Excellent color illustrations.

  • The Euphorbia Journal Volume 9 - Schwartz Dr. Herman, 1994. These have articles for beginers to advanced growers. Excellent color illustrations.

  • The Euphorbia Journal Volume 10 - Schwartz Dr. Herman, 1997. These have articles for beginers to advanced growers. Excellent color illustrations.

  • The Garden Succulents Primer - Smith Gideon F. & van Wyk, Ben-Erik, 2008. Timber Press. Thorough information on growing succulents in your garden for those who can - and still useful for growing indoors. Nice photos and information on many plants.

  • The Genus Echinocereus - Taylor, Nigel P. 1985. Timber Press. Key and descriptions of 44 species and 56 varieties of Echinocereus. With color illustrations and line drawings.

  • The Genus Fouquieria - Scott, Robert 2013. Robert Scott. A presentation of 11 Fouquieria species with lovely color photos, distribution maps, and basic care information. Also a key to identifying by blooms, leaves and form.

  • The Genus Haworthia, a Taxonomic Revision - Scott, Charles L. 1985. Aloe Books. Pictures, descriptions, and habitat info.

  • The Genus Lewisia - Kew Magazine Monograph. - Mathew, Brian 1989. Timber Press. Detailed information with beautiful illustrations about lewisia.

  • The Genus Pediocactus-Navajoa-Toumeya, Revised, In the shadow of the Rocky Mountains - Hochstatter, Fritz, 1995. Revised book of a previous treatment.

  • The Handbook of Cacti and Succulents- Innes, Clive, 1988. Chartwell Books. Basic info on C & S, a chapter on greenhouse culture, pests and diseases, and wraps up with a directory of families and genera along with distribution.

  • The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cacti - Innes, Clive, 1999. Good encyclopedic identification guide.

  • The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cacti and Other Succulents - Riha, Jan & Subik, Rudolf, 1981. Chartwell Books. Basic care and cultivation of cacti and succuelnts. Includes color and black and white photos with information about various succulent families.

  • The Illustrated Encylopedia of Succulents - Rowley, Gordon, 1978. Basic book with good illustrations. It shows the botanical relationships between cacti and other succulents.

  • The Instant Guide to Healthy Cacti - Pilbeam, John, 1984. Times Books. Basic care of cacti along with a section on popular plants.

  • The Mammillaria Handbook - Craig, R.T. Lots of black and white photos, good keys and excellent bibliography.

  • The New Haworthia Handbook - Bayer, M.B. 1982. At the time of printing, one of the more recent books on this controversial group.

  • The Peyote Cult - LaBarre, Weston, 1970. Incorporates 3 papers published by Yale University Department of Anthropology. An ethnographic study of the religious use of peyote among the Indians of the Southwest.

  • The Taxonomy and Ecology of The Genus Ferocactus Explorations in the USA and Mexico- Lindsay, George et. Al, 1996. Originally the only book on this genus.

  • The Ultimate Book of Cacti & Succulents - Anderson, Miles, 1998. Good beginners book, great pictures. Copy signed by author.

  • The World of Cacti - how to select and care for over 1000 species - Schuster, Danny, 1990. General book suitable for beginners.

  • To The Habitats of Pediocactus and Sclerocactus - Hochstatter, Fritz 1990.

  • What Kinda Cactus Izzat? - Manning, Reg, 1976. Souvenir shop book that tlels how to identify cacti. Fun with cartoon drawings.

We are always expanding our library. Donations of appropriate new or used books, clean and in good shape, are welcomed. Thank you.

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