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Updated: April 17, 2017 10:59 AM

Minutes from March19th, 2017

Generally meetings will proceed in the following format, with exceptions made to accommodate speakers and special presentations:

2:00 - Arrival (use of library books, etc.), plant display, plant sales

2:30 - Welcome and announcements; any further business

2:40 - Cactus of the Month

2:50 - Succulent of the Month

3:00 - Break

3:15 - General Program

4:30 - Dismissal


Meeting was called to order by President Karen Summers at 2:10 pm.
Greetings: Visitors were introduced.

Don Johnson will stop by Conservatory to check on bookmarks being put out.
Denise - holiday event was discussed. Looking for a private home, or even the Phinney Center.
Jade - followed through on her commitment even though she felt terrible (head cold). Trouble with Amazon delivering was noted and will be taken into consideration.
Lisa - Wordpress for website. She was out with sore back issues.
Treasury report: Not a lot of activity. Balance of $7,795.00 in account. Adrian is moving out of state and his last meeting with us will be next month. He has been an excellent treasurer for the club and will be sorely missed.

Show Table discussion. Chance for people to have their plants compete. Something that we tried, but it was not engaging many people. There was also trouble getting judges for the competi-tion. It was decided to discontinue this event, but if in the future if there is enough interest we will certainly look into starting up again. Then Karen talked about the Brag table as it will be continu-ing. The brag plants can be photos too if the mo-ment of blooming is passed.
COM and SOM signup sheet was passed around. Only three spaces left for the rest of the year. No COM and SOM for April.
Summer Event: Steve Casebolt offered his place for a future summer event.

CCA event Tempe Arizona - want the person going to be an active member. Club wants to acknowledge the work Karen Summers by sending her to the event.
Graham Charles in England putting information on the web for free to access. He sends greetings. He puts out a lot of books. Links will be in “The Point”.
Karen stated she is planning to retire in the spring and wants to be free to travel. Will need a club member to step up for President and Program Chair for next year. At the moment the club does not have a Program Chair in place.

COM: Jack talked about Saguaros which can have a 150 year life span. Side arms come around 75 years. Do best around Tucson because of the moisture.
In 1986 a 45 foot tall plant got blown over. Very slow grower with shallow roots which spread out a lot.
SOM: Bill talked about Monilaria Obconica.

BRAG PLANTS: Steve Casebolt brought in a Mammilaria with great flowers and a Haworthia with flower stalk and translucent leaves.

Karen Hart gave a presentation on the Arizona Desert. She traveled to the desert in the 1980’s and in short order fell in love with the plants.

Next meeting to be held April 23.

Meeting called to close by Karen at 4:15 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by,
Carol Parks, Acting Secretary









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