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Updated: May 21, 2017 7:10 AM


All who attended our April program came away with some very good information to think about. Bill reported he looked at our plants in the greenhouse with a new eye. All those little hormones hard at work creating plant growth.

Ernesto Sandoval was a dynamic, interesting, and knowledgeable presenter who quickly skipped over the chemistry portion of the information to spare our brains. I received some very positive comments on his presentation and we will try to bring him back in the next year or so for another mind expanding topic.
Again we had a pottery sale with some lovely pots done by Peter Liekkio who also brought in some interesting bonsai style plantings. Having some nice plants/pots/or other items on the sale table are a nice bonus to our meetings. I encourage others to participate in bringing in or selling.

I encourage everyone to consider our Vancouver trip. We will visit four collections - two of which we've seen and greatly enjoyed. You will come away with many new ideas, and will see some amazing plants. If you need a ride, please step up and contact people on the carpool sheet sent to you previously by Denise. If that fails, contact me as I hope to know who all are going. It will be an amazing day with the Vancouver and Victoria clubs.

Karen Summers
CCSS President 2017





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