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Updated: April 14, 2017 9:25 AM


It's spring and we can tell that by the narcissus, jonquils and primroses blooming exuberantly in our yard. There are promises of tulips and daffodils to come. On a balmy 55° day we opened our greenhouses which are made of hoops and plastic to air out the plants and check on possible mealy bug infestations. What to our wondering eyes did appear but plants draped limply over their pots, oozing green juices out onto the wooden slats below. In horror we started drawing out pots, some favorites among them, to set them aside. The final death toll was 39 with 11 more hanging on by a thread.

In retrospect we realized what had happened - when it began not to be in the 30's at night I pulled the plugs on the heaters. Then we went off to Louisiana to enjoy 80° days and learned upon our return that the northwest had cold weather and snow while we were gone. We didn't think about that again until last weekend as we stacked the now empty pots. While we wanted to get our numbers down, we were hoping to do it through sales and gifts rather than mortality.

Karen Hart's lovely slide show of the sunny skies of Arizona was just what I needed to inspire me to think of retirement trips. I share her fantasy of working in a cactus and succulent greenhouse - but after our little disaster here I'm not sure who would hire me!

I especially enjoyed our last plant rich meeting with the slide show and both COM and SOM. I look forward to our April meeting when Ernesto Sandoval will provide us with an excellent presentation on propagation. I expect to come away with some new ideas.

Our May trip to Vancouver is shaping up. Information will be forthcoming regarding collections to be visited.

My heart felt thanks for the spontaneous applause and gift of the registration fee for the national conference in Tempe. I am touched to be so acknowledged. I assure you the club will get at least one presentation from it and probably more. There is still the additional registration fee to be allotted in April. Anyone interested should let me know ASAP. Ed Jackson is currently our contender.

I look forward to seeing everyone in April.

Karen Summers
CCSS President 2017





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