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Updated: November 11, 2015 9:33 PM



Next Meeting

Sunday November15th 2015:

Epiphyllum & Their Taxonomy by George Krasle


San Miguel de Allende by Don Johnson

George Krasle will talk about Epiphyllum and explain their classification. Also known as Phyllocactus and the climbing cactus. Artificial hybrids are within the tribe Hylocereae.

Don Johnson will then show us through the gardens of San Miguel in central Mexico. Located within the town limits is a cactus garden covering approximately 247 acres. Surrounded by an extensive conservation zone, it contains an outstanding collection of cacti and succulents, of which almost all are native to the region, including many that are rare and in danger of extinction. What makes this garden unique, compared to other cacti gardens, are its multiple and diverse components, including remains of Spanish engineering works from the 16th century, a newly created ecosystem, herbal steam baths, an astronomical observatory, full moon and sun equinox ceremonies, and open-air operatic performances: all this in a garden inaugurated as recently as 1991.



Future Meetings


Sunday December 20th 2015: CCSS Potluck Holiday Party (Venue TBA)


Note: 2016 meetings will be held at the Phinney Center 6532 Phinney Ave N, Seattle 98103


Sunday January 17th 2016: Allen Gardens, Toronto by Karen & Bill

Sunday February 21st 2016: Mr. Maky's Madagascar Trip by Jack Zektzer



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