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Updated: February 13, 2017 7:50 PM



Meetings will be held at the Phinney Center,

6532 Phinney Ave N, Seattle 98103 unless otherwise shown.

Here is a map prodived by Mapquest


Next Meeting

Sunday February 19th 2017 2:00pm

Growing Cactus & Succulents from Seed;
A Panel Presentation


Come prepared to get your hands dirty. Following a panel presentation on growing from seed and
learning about the different requirements between growing cacti and succulents, there will be a planting
activity with a variety of cacti and succulent seeds, soil, and some pots so you can plant and take home a
pot of future seedlings. NOTE: If you have a couple of four inch pots or a similarly sized container for
planting, please bring it as there will be some pots but perhaps not enough for each person to have two or
three. Seed starting mix and cactus soil will be provided. However, if you would like to bring your own
mix to grow in that’s fine, too. If anyone has seeds to share, please feel free to bring them as well.

For best results at home, temperatures between 59 ° F to 77 ° F are recommended. Generally, larger
seeds take longer to germinate than smaller seeds.

Mammillaria seeds are very small but are recommended to beginners as being easy to propagate and can
take a mere 6 months before the seedlings can be handled. Gymnocalycium and Astrophytum seeds can
take 12 months before the seedling can be handled. Good luck and have patience!!


Future Meetings

Sunday March 19th 2017: Arizona Views by Karen Hart


Sunday April 23rd 2017: Plant Hormones & Propagation by Ernesto Sandoval, UC Davis


Saturday May 20th 2017: Vancouver, B. C. field trip


Sunday June 18th 2017: Sanseviera by Elain Bassett & friends plus TOPSS Review by Karen Summers


Sunday July 16th 2017: Volunteer Park Conservatory visit


Sunday August 13th: Club Picnic


Sunday August 20th 2017: Xeriscape event at Volunteer Park Conservatory


Saturday & Sunday September 9/10th: Tthe Odd Plant Show & Sale at Sky Nursery


Saturday September 30th: 2017: Seattle Field Trip - TBA


Sunday October 15th 2017: Zombie Terrariums by Cynthia Scoville


Sunday November 19th 2017: Wonderful Worlkd of Succulent Plants by Ian Barclay - the Desert Northwest


Sunday December 17th 2017: Festive Feast - Location TBA


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